Media training with Sue and Ginger has really prepared me for engagement with all different media sources, I now feel confident that I can give journalists what they need for a good story and make sure my key messages are front and centre. – Ian (surname withheld)

Sue and Ginger’s media bootcamp training was superb. Together they put our team through their paces with practical advice and tips when giving a media interview across all three mediums. Our executive team are infinitely more confident in media interviews and when involved in public speaking engagements. Their style tips for camera interviews have also been invaluable! Thank you!– Melissa Neal, Chief Executive Officer, Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network

I found this training to be high impact, accessible and useful. The instant feedback allowed me to build my skills and feel more confident in my delivery of key messages in multiple media platforms. The use of real journalists gave us a sense of relevance and it was achieved in a short timeframe. Thank you, it was very productive and enjoyable.” – Carrie

I got a lot out of the practice interviews for television, radio and print. The immediate feedback was very useful, and I think it will be valuable to watch the recording back afterwards. ” – Michaela

Media Bootcamp gave us a rare glimpse into the brains of journalists and invaluable practical experience in interview techniques. – Eddie

Thanks to this training I feel a lot more confident with handling all the types of questions I might get in an interview. ” – Bree

Media Bootcamp was transformational. In a day I worked out my expertise and how I can apply that to my story. I found the training so valuable.” – Pip

Media Bootcamp was brilliant. I feel so much more confident about pitching myself to the media and in deciding which media is actually appropriate to my business and brand. It was incredibly useful to learn what the media actually cares about. That has saved me soooo much time. I also loved how practical the day was. I really enjoyed receiving expert feedback on my interview style. ” Samantha Nolan-Smith

The team and I had a great day at Media Bootcamp. Ginger and Sue were fantastic and very passionate about the day, ensuring that we all had fun as well as learning what we need to know. – Marcia

I feel infinitely more confident that I can tell my story well. Thanks Sue and Ginger. ” – Sheree Henley

Outside their work at Media Bootcamp, Sue and Ginger have been teaching, mentoring and public speaking for years. Here’s what a few of those folks have said after spending time learning from and listening to Sue and Ginger.

Her [Ginger’s] real world knowledge of the industry proved invaluable when I found myself immersed in the daily grind of the media industry.

A former student of GInger’s

Sue didn't sugarcoat but provided real and constructive feedback that kept me motivated.

A student in one of Sue’s writing courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre

Ginger Gorman was awesome.

Feedback from media training Ginger providing to up and coming women politicians.

Professional, funny, experienced, generous.

Another satisfied student!

Ginger is a vibrant, engaging and entertaining speaker. She speaks from the heart and is an inspiring and authentic woman leader.

Feedback after presenting at YWCA’s “She Leads” conference.

Sue’s mentoring sessions have helped me SO much.

From one of Sue’s private mentoring clients

Her insights are thoughtful and inspiring. As a speaker she is candid and, often, funny. Ginger tells a story in a vivid way that engages a broad audience.

Matthew Ricketson, Professor of journalism at the University of Canberra

Fantastic. Great speaker, great delivery.

From a conference attendee where Sue presented

Sue was extremely open to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Yet another happy student!

Sue was extremely open to sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience.

Yet another happy student!

Sue’s mentoring was money well spent.

Another satisfied mentoring customer

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