It’s not only those in front of the cameras or microphones who can benefit from learning simple storytelling skills. In this tailored version of our Pitch Like A Pro half day course (divided into 2 x 2 hour sessions if run remotely over Zoom), we teach participants (usually program or project managers, executives or communications professionals) how to draw out interesting stories from their work, and how to simply and effectively package those to be useful in a variety of mediums.

If you’ve ever been asked to explain your background, your program or your project for a conference bio, or to a peer, or asked to provide ideas or content for a webpage or a newsletter – this half day storytelling course, led by two working journalists, will teach you practical ways to understand what is needed and how to simply and efficiently package your ideas to get others onboard. We’ll show you techniques that will work in a variety of situations WITHOUT you needing to reinvent the wheel.

All content is tailored to our audience and we can work with real examples as provided before and during the course. We will look at:

  • What makes an interesting story.
  • How to get your story out there in a variety of locations – beyond the mainstream media.
  • How to recognise a story people will want to tell.
  • How to package your project to make it attractive to editors, freelancers, bloggers, content providers, conference organisers and communications professionals.
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