Do you need help getting media professionals interested in your story?

In this hands on, half day session we will:

  • Give you the tools, information and insider knowledge you need to successfully sell your story to media outlets across the globe.
  • Teach you which platform is right for your story: TV, radio, print or online?
  • Teach you how to superpower your pitch so it stands out from the crowd.
  • Show you how to get your story into the media.
  • Teach you which old-school methods to ditch when pitching your story.
  • Help you understand the lead times of various media platforms.
  • Tell you who you should be pitching your story to.
  • Let you know what works in today’s cluttered media environment.
  • Help you know exactly how to provide the right supporting materials for your story.
  • Give you specific steps to prepare for media interviews so you can use them over and over again.

How Pitch Like a Pro runs:

  • In house, at your business or remotely via Zoom on a date of your choosing. (Courses run over Zoom are typically broken down into two x 1.5-2 hour sessions.)
  • Small groups of up to 6-8 people (with two trainers so we can drill down to individual skills). Executive/private training is also possible: just ask.
  • Customised to your needs.
  • Covers radio, print/online, television.
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More training and coaching options

Media Bootcamp

A one-day, tailored crash course in how to survive and thrive in Australia’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Panic Button

Your personal 000 call when a media opportunity comes up. Whether it’s print, media, online or tv appearance, we’ll talk you through it in a 1-1 coaching call.