We provide media training services that will help you or your business thrive in the current media landscape.

Our training and coaching services

Media Bootcamp

A one-day, tailored crash course in how to survive and thrive in Australia’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Panic Button

Your personal 000 call when a media opportunity comes up. Whether it’s print, media, online or tv appearance, we’ll talk you through it in a 1-1 coaching call.

Nail the Interview

A short, sharp training session (half day) putting you in the hotseat for your next media opportunity.

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Media Bootcamp for Sole Traders and Small Business Owners

Get your business name out in the mainstream press

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If you’re a sole trader or a small business owner, you’re no doubt keen to get your name out there. But how? In this ONLINE course, you’ll learn from two experienced journalists how to get your business name out in the mainstream press, how to tell your company’s unique story and all the tools you need to seek out media opportunities, put together information that journalists and online influencers can use, and finally, to nail your next interview.

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